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Curated by Giampaolo Abbondio (2006)


This project was realized first in 2006 and then again in 2010

TV-sets, glass paint, canvas, DVD loop

Dimensions variable



The Banco D’Albania was conceptualized as a means to destabilize received media images of Albanians in Italy, which were screened on a sculptural group of television-sets shrouded by a piece of coarse, sack-like canvas, that itself both obscures the media images and ironically recalls the power of the media in alluring Albanians (emigrants) to Italy.



  • Marco Purpura, 2011, "Transmedia Memory of Albanian Migration in Italy: Helidon Gjergji's, Adrian Paci's, and Anri Sala's Moving-Image Installations," California Italian Studies Journal. Follow Link (pages 4 to 11) ...


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