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Botkyrka Konsthall Sweden



Curated by Joanna Sandell 



Six TV-sets, recorded Swedish television programming, glass paint

Dimensions 9’x 9’


This project was also realized in 2011, in a different format, at the American Academy in Rome.



This installation consists of six TV-sets hung directly below a skylight.  

The skylight’s niche and its TV-sets are fully covered in black varnish spray paint, save for a few small circular spots on the TV-set screens. The TV-sets emit live programming, which in the darkened space becomes a wondrous display of twinkling lights, or constellation of electronic stars. 



  • Marie Liljedahl, 2010, Interview "Zaha Hadid, Jens Assur, Pascale Marthine Tayou, Ed Ruscha, Helidon Gjergji," Swedish Radio. Follow Link ...


This is similar version with a unique TV-set.


2008, TV-set, live television, glass paint

Dimensions variable



This sculpture consists of a single TV-set standing on a pedestal. They have both been completely painted with black varnish spray, except for a few small circular spots on the TV-set screen. The TV emits live programming, which when viewed in a darkened space, becomes a wondrous display of twinkling lights that create an imaginary constellation of electronic stars. 

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