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Project Biennial 3
The biennial takes place at D-O Ark Underground, the anti-atomic shelter in Konjic, Bosnia & Herzegovina, for which it commissions artwork.
Curators Adela Demetja, Margarethe Makovec & Anton Ledere
2015, permanent site-specific installation
Mirrors, adhesive vinyl letters
Dimensions variable

Tango Down is a permanent site-specific installation created especially for the third edition of the Project Biennial, in Konjic, Bosnia & Herzegovina. The main entrance of the D-O Ark Underground anti-atomic shelter is a tunnel, which the artist has turned into a hall of mirrors. Both sides of the hallway are covered with massive mirrors that face each other, creating the effect of an infinite space and apparently making all the spatial limitations disappear. The mirrors are lined with titles and descriptions of different video games, developed using the context and the conflict of the Cold War. 


The human bodies passing through the hallway are trapped, between the immaterial infinity of reflections and the endless repetition of a material threat. While the virtual reality offered by the video games empowers their users to write their own war narratives, the semi-virtual installation of Helidon Gjergji confronts the audience with the boundaries of reality, whenever entering or leaving this building.


Adela Demetja

Bunk Art Museum
Tango Down 2 was also realized for Bunk Art Museum, which is an anti-atomic shelter in Tirana, Albania.
2019, permanent site-specific installation
Mirrors, adhesive vinyl letters
Dimensions variable
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